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Casino Royale

Answer for question 3387.

'Best'? Or 'my favourite'? Luckily, IMHO the answer is the same.

Who is the best James Bond?

Time may not have been kind to Timothy Dalton's hairstyle, but I still rate his performance above all other Bonds. To me, he is the closest in appearance and attitude to the Bond of Ian Fleming's books (this is one measurement of 'best'; it is mine), and he's the Bond I can believe in as both cold-blooded killer and ladies' man.


Agreed! :-)
In the "more realistic", stakes, I'd probably lean toward Daniel Craig - but of the post-Connery/Moore age, I still think Goldeneye catches my taste best, with a good dash of silliness thrown in. So, I might plump for Brosnan, simply on that basis, even if not necessarily being true to the original.
Craig has Bond's thuggishness and snobbery - I just can't believe that women would throw themselves at him (although they clearly do IRL)!

I wasn't a big fan of Brosnan but Goldeneye is a fine piece of cinema, and did a great job of bringing the franchise back on track.
You know, I've never read the books nor have I seen all the films. Really should have a read, methinks...

I don't really have a favourite. Not a fan of Connery though and not sure why.
They are fun! Perhaps best first enjoyed as a teenager, though, before the greater knowledge and prejudice that comes with adulthood.