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Monocle Husky

Mixed Bag

It's been a mixed day on the writing front.

I had a story rejected, over a year after I submitted it. I am very fond of the story and I badly wanted to be in this particular anthology, so a small part of me had been on tenterhooks about it for, well, over a year. (It's not the fault of the small press involved that things took so long, but it did rather feel like adding insult to injury.)

In happier news, another story of mine, Cold Scent, has been nominated for a Cóyotl Award!

Furry writing, as I've said before, is a niche within a niche, and I suspect only a pawful of people have heard of the Cóyotls, but that pawful represents a significant chunk of my readership, so this is a Significant Thing for me.

Also, the two other finalists in the short story category, ursulav's Jackalope Wives and Pavlov's House by foozzzball, are both achingly amazing, and I'm delighted to share a ballot with them. (I had dinner with Foozzz last night, coincidentally, and now we're both terrified that we have somehow engaged in collusion.)

Ideally, these two things would have happened in the order in which I list them here, but because life's not like that I got the nomination news at the start of my day and the rejection letter at the end. Ah well.
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I am sorry to hear about the story not getting into the anthology, my friend. Esp after waiting so long. Is there any other publication you can submit it too?

Needless to say (but I will say it anyway), I am sooo proud of the nomination (yet, i am not surprised, as you are such a gifted writer.. your way with words always impresses me)!!! I will keep everything crossed for you. To be in with such great company is wonderful, too!

And, you are right. .. it IS a Significant Thing, indeed! 😆

Sooooo proud of you, girl!!!

Thanks for the support, as always! *hugs*

And I'm sure that story won't go to waste. Its time will come!

Edited at 2015-06-03 06:38 am (UTC)
Over one year? Meh, how come they took that long? Surely that's not normal.
Oh, it's not! Computer problems and illness, in this case (suspect the press is run by one person). Forgivable, but annoying.
Gosh, a year seems a little excessive, even for something like that! Still, the nomination is very definitely good news. I was going to say "Good luck!" but maybe that'd be asking for trouble. Is there a writers' equivalent of "Break a leg!" I wonder? Maybe "Paper jam!" or something...
I like 'Paper jam'! May have to steal that :)
Egh, reminds me of getting shortlisted in a photography contest last year - that word came through.. end of July? Somewhere in the Summertime, with the winners to be announced somewhere around the end of September or October, I believe. They announced on New Year's Eve. Not quite as epic a delay, but that was quite a long wait for me. (Sadly, I didn't prevail - but that photo's in the hands of a press agency now, who await my self-interview to start hawking it around. So, doors opening and closing, and all that =:)
Yes, and I do believe that everything I write eventually finds a purpose, even if it's just a character or piece of dialogue that goes on to better things!