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Mixed Bag

It's been a mixed day on the writing front.

I had a story rejected, over a year after I submitted it. I am very fond of the story and I badly wanted to be in this particular anthology, so a small part of me had been on tenterhooks about it for, well, over a year. (It's not the fault of the small press involved that things took so long, but it did rather feel like adding insult to injury.)

In happier news, another story of mine, Cold Scent, has been nominated for a Cóyotl Award!

Furry writing, as I've said before, is a niche within a niche, and I suspect only a pawful of people have heard of the Cóyotls, but that pawful represents a significant chunk of my readership, so this is a Significant Thing for me.

Also, the two other finalists in the short story category, ursulav's Jackalope Wives and Pavlov's House by foozzzball, are both achingly amazing, and I'm delighted to share a ballot with them. (I had dinner with Foozzz last night, coincidentally, and now we're both terrified that we have somehow engaged in collusion.)

Ideally, these two things would have happened in the order in which I list them here, but because life's not like that I got the nomination news at the start of my day and the rejection letter at the end. Ah well.
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