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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Czech It Out

My writeup of last summer's trip to the Czech Republic is featured in the latest issue of Overland, 'the magazine dedicated to motorcycle travel' (physical/digital).

I'm sharing column inches with Sam Manicom and Lois Pryce, who are probably the second and third biggest names in the admittedly small world of motorcycle travel writing (top slot goes to Ted Simon), in a proper magazine you can buy in WH Smith for the price of a medium-sized paperback novel.

I'm very chuffed.

I need a better camera.



Today, Europe...
Oh, finestkind! As and when I finally get around to completing that self-interview thing, maybe I'll know the same delight. ^_^

(Bah, the sign of a true publisher.. the digital editions are "not compatible with Apple's 'i' devices" Or just a webguy who hates Apple and came up with a nicely passive-aggressive way of expressing it)
They must be depriving themselves of a lot of sales!

Sometime I would like to bend your ear about reasonably-priced cameras that produce good results even for idiots...
I'd guess it's probably down to their choice of DRM...
Oh, indeed. But even vendors beholden to DRM tend to make some efforts at compatibility, as with Kindle and Zinio, whose publishing platforms are fairly broadly available across mobile and desktop devices. Perhaps the vendor in question rolled their own, à la ComiXology and Comics Plus?

I may have to enquire. I'm intrigued. ^_^
Now that is SOOOO darn cool!!!!

So very excited for, and proud of, you!!!!!

Thanks, you! *hugs*

Wow, that's impressive!

Thank you!