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Monocle Husky

ConFuzzled 2


I had a little more time for the Dealers' Den on Sunday. I am not a big spender at cons, but I did buy this print (SFW) from one of my favourite artists, pan_h_shiroi, along with assorted badges, magnets and stickers. I also met some of the (real!) rabbits brought along by this year's chosen charity, Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue.

One of the highlights of the con was agrajag_fur's talk on hatmaking. It is lovely to know that the ancient art of millinery, complete with hand-carved wooden blocks and dangerous chemicals, is alive and well; do visit Aggy's website to admire the fabulous hats.

This was followed by jm_horse with 'Exploring the Furry Fandom through Data', on behalf of [adjective]:[species]. Based on data collected through surveys, the talk was filled with fascinating nuggets on what makes us tick, and ways in which we follow or subvert popular stereotypes.

At 10PM, Kandrel and I assembled in our pyjamas (or Umbreon kigurumi, in his case) for 'Bedtime Stories', in which we each read aloud an exclusive preview of our upcoming work.

I like reading out loud, and I've been told I have a nice speaking voice. I was nervous nonetheless, especially as my material was intended to be funny and it would be a long half hour if nobody laughed. But laugh they did, to my relief and delight. It was wonderful to get live feedback on my jokes, and I was walking a little taller as I headed to the bar for a well-earned drink in excellent company.


I am not a big spender at cons

I'd never realised this was a genuine option!
:) Well, if there was one artist I really, really wanted a commission from, I guess I'd factor that in. But I do mostly go to see friends and promote the writing side, honest!
You know, if you're getting paid by the likes of Pimm's to create work such as this, you've made some very good choices in life. ^_^

Oh, Agrajag's still around? Cool beans! I remember he used to post about his craft now and then. (We need more hats in the world, I say)

Fat Fluffs gets top billing in my next entry. I hope they fared well out of the con. ^_^ Did you catch any photos of said fluffs?
Oh, that's amazing! I saw the Die Mortal people at a launch event for one of the Pokemon games, dressed as the three starters, and I've fancied their wares ever since.

My only bun photo was with my phone and isn't great, but does capture a rabbit fursuiter gazing into the pen...