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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Sharp New World

I have new glasses!

I was sorry to say goodbye to my old pair, which have served me well and looked cool for several years, but they were pretty beat-up, with scratched lenses and an out of date prescription, so it was time.

My strong prescription obliges me to pick small frames so my lenses won't be too thick at the edges. I envy wardy his Lambretta specs, just one of the options closed to me. (Now if Vespa made glasses, they would have to make a small frame.)

These are by Puma, while my previous pair was Animal. Alert readers may spot a pattern.



nice new glasses, they suit you very well!
Thank you! It feels weird after four or five years with the old pair, but I think I like them :)
Very cool! ☺

Thanks! Hope you can admire in person some time in the not too distant future ^.^
Just remember to stash them somewhere safe before Tala gets to you - one slurp and my glasses are off and into the wide unknown!
😉 Thankfully, Husky also knows to take off her glasses too, before making contact. lol
Wow, since when do you have such long hair?

These are by Puma, while my previous pair was Animal. Alert readers may spot a pattern.

I googled the answer... does that make me a cheetah?
Argh, it really needs cutting! Will I get round to it before CFz?

Heh :)
Bah! Long hair rocks. ^_^
No manes here, please :)
The new glasses look good!

Also.. your hair isn't long at all! :P
Thank you! And I know it's not long in the great scheme of things, but it's usually quite a bit shorter...
Thank you!
I like those frames a lot, but they never seem to look right on me. You work them, though!
Thank you! It's lucky they work, as they're the best option for me - much better than the huge plastic things I used to think I ought to wear.
They do fit you rather well. ^_^

(I presume contacts aren't an option?)

Ever thought of Lasik or suchlike? I might ponder on that myself - I've got on very well with contacts, but it certainly would be nice just to be done with the whole matter once and for all.
I've just never fancied the hassle of lenses - which is perhaps, haha, shortsighted of me.

If I understand correctly, I'd still need glasses after laser surgery, just a weaker prescription, so it doesn't seem worth it.
Looking good!

My Lambretta gigs really are starting to show their age now, unfortunately. The black trim that makes up the "Lambretta" lettering, and also means you don't have a rather sharp metal edge against your skin, is starting to break up. Naturally this disintegration is only happening on the parts that sit on top of my lugs, thus requiring a little more care than usual when taking them off.

I can't win...when I let my hair grow out, the arms would tangle in my sideburns and now I've cropped my locks, the bloody things are trying to mutilate me!

It's an expensive pain when they start to go, for sure.
I keep meaning to respond to the eye-check reminders. I will have to look into new glasses when I finally go...
I was told in no uncertain terms that it was time for new ones!
I've just had to tighten up the screws on mine (again) - I think they need dismantling and giving a damn thorough cleaning though...
They look good.
Thank you!