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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Church Poster of the Week

Haven't had one of these for a while. Spotted in Locksbottom:

Your name may be on a bottle of Coke, but is it in the BOOK of LIFE?


Hollywood's sponsoring churches now? =:)

(Very good film, actually - easily worth seeing sometime, especially with one's beau)

I was thinking I should catch it some time...
I remain quite fond of this response to those "There's probably no god" adverts placed on buses a few years ago.
Those buses were such a gift to both sides.
The one I liked from a while back was "God accepts knee-mail."

Sadly a local butcher no longer puts up his witty comments in the window. He used to use a temporary spray paint to put various comments in his main window, and some of them were works of genius, but I haven't seen any new ones for nearly 10 years now.
Oh, shame! We have a deli in Crystal Palace that does Twitter hashtag style jokes, mostly movie titles with terrible cheese or wine puns...