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Bromley to Birmingham

I rode up to Birmingham on Saturday to meet up with loganberrybunny and eliki, in good enough time to be sitting at Moor Street with a peanut butter latte by the time their train rolled in.

We spent a pleasant day wandering, browsing, chatting and lunching. I bought a few secondhand CDs, and also this rather startling 1977 album:


A strange cover by any standards, but especially out of character for Joan Baez. I haven't tried listening to it yet.

It was just about warm enough for ice cream to be a treat rather than a torture, so we helped Loganberry with his annual mission of trying as many different flavours as possible over the course of the summer. (OK, OK, it's my mission too.) Memo to self: Thorntons caramel and honeycomb ice cream is disappointing. Bland, and I found just two chunks of honeycomb in mine.

I arrived home around 8PM and immediately went back out, as my near neighbour Foxsoup was hosting a barbecue. By the time I turned up, encroaching chill and darkness were driving the revellers indoors, but the coals were still hot and soon I was standing with a drink in my hand while a pack of sausages cooked just for me - the perfect way to unwind from a 3-hour drive.
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