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Bromley to Birmingham

I rode up to Birmingham on Saturday to meet up with loganberrybunny and eliki, in good enough time to be sitting at Moor Street with a peanut butter latte by the time their train rolled in.

We spent a pleasant day wandering, browsing, chatting and lunching. I bought a few secondhand CDs, and also this rather startling 1977 album:


A strange cover by any standards, but especially out of character for Joan Baez. I haven't tried listening to it yet.

It was just about warm enough for ice cream to be a treat rather than a torture, so we helped Loganberry with his annual mission of trying as many different flavours as possible over the course of the summer. (OK, OK, it's my mission too.) Memo to self: Thorntons caramel and honeycomb ice cream is disappointing. Bland, and I found just two chunks of honeycomb in mine.

I arrived home around 8PM and immediately went back out, as my near neighbour Foxsoup was hosting a barbecue. By the time I turned up, encroaching chill and darkness were driving the revellers indoors, but the coals were still hot and soon I was standing with a drink in my hand while a pack of sausages cooked just for me - the perfect way to unwind from a 3-hour drive.


Sounds like a perfect weekend!

Hope yours was good too! *hugs*
I have no phone credit, so haven't been able to tell you that Tiger has a new job AT LAST!! Just hoping with all hope that he doesn't get screwed over this time! He works night shift (12 hours!), on continental shifts, so works 7 days out of fourteen! So he worked all weekend, but we are so grateful for the job that it was ok. Has tonight and tomorrow off, so is our weekend now! Lol

Wanted to thank you for being there for me during this really really rough month. Just please don't let go of the branch, or my arm, just yet. You are a true star! *hugs*
Oh, thank goodness! I'm so glad - and so admiring of the way Tiger wades in and works those killer hours. I really hope this works out for him as you both deserve. *hugs!*
I was writing ads for Columbia Records at that time, and I went down to Washington DC to meet Joan and see a show, preparatory to writing an ad for that album. She was looking to cross over into a poppier vein of music with this album, her first for CBS (Portrait label), unsuccessfully as it turned out. Nobody was happy with the record, including her. And it was pretty much nausea-inducing, watching her attempt to go-go dance on stage...total loss of dignity, really.
Shame. I've just listened to the first side and, really, she can't lose with that voice. Even when she's rapping.
I had the same flavour of ice cream and quite liked it. But then I have no taste whatsoever! It was a very pleasant day indeed, though, and I'm so glad that a) we found the record shop and b) the weather held!
Yes - it all worked out brilliantly!

I am so very fond of caramel and honeycomb that I think I'd worked myself up to expect something tasty beyond the bounds of possibility...
Maybe I should have gone for that! There are certain ingredients that always win out for me, though.
I have high hopes for the Christmas market in 2015 ^.^
I can think of worse ways to spend the day...
I'm not sure what people do in Birmingham apart from shopping, but it's a nice centre to stroll through.