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Living in the love of the common people

As I was riding home, I overtook a minibus with a German registration plate. It proved to be full of young teenage girls, who waved and nodded and grinned. I waved and nodded and grinned back; I get waved at a lot by kids, who (quite rightly) feel that I have a cool motorbike and am therefore a cool person. Let's face it, I'm usually more interesting to look at than anything else in the traffic jam.

Then I saw that the chief waver was holding a postcard of Prince Harry, and pointing from it to me and me to it.

Now, I'd be the first to admit that young Windsor and I share a certain boyish charm; a cheeky grin; an easy manner with hoi polloi1.

But to imagine that the third in line would be driving down the Old Kent Road without a police escort? Get real.

1 A tutor once told me off for writing 'the hoi polloi' in an essay, as hoi means the. Fair point - you wouldn't say 'living the la vida loca', would you? 2

2 Though you could possibly sing it to the tune of Guide me, O thou great Redeemer.

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