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The school of karate I follow is usually no or light contact, but sometimes Shihan rings the changes and pairs us up for some self-defence ("Do NOT use this in a tournament!"). Last night's delightful combination went as follows:

  1. Push attacker's arms down
  2. Hands behind attacker's neck, pull into headbutt
  3. Knee in ribs
  4. Push backwards, setting up for
  5. Kin geri kick to groin
  6. Heel of palm strike to nose
  7. Slap head down and sideways for
  8. Hammerfist strike to neck

...by which point, "I was acting in self-defence" starts to sound like a fairly feeble excuse...


...by which point, "I was acting in self-defence" starts to sound like a fairly feeble excuse...

I was gonna say... though things might be rather different when you're actually being attacked. OTOH, if you are able to work through a mental checklist like that, you're probably not just acting in the heat of the moment anymore, and "I was just defending myself" starts to ring hollow indeed.

Still, nothing wrong with learning how to actually fight (not that I think it's actually all that necessary a skill in Western European societies), so long as you also learn to use your knowledge responsibly.
Honestly, I have no idea what I'd do if I actually had to use what I've learned in the real world. My hope is simply that I would do something, and do it right.
I think you would — your training would see to that. In fact, from what I hear, pretty much any substantial resistance would deter pretty much any attacker, and I'm sure you'd be able to put up a heck of a fight. Huskies are plucky, especially when cornered.
:) Let's hope I never have to find out!
Yup, that would be best! (Still — as the scouts say, "be prepared".)
I was being a LARGE HAM in self-defence, m'lud?
Anyone silly enough to stand around while I mentally counted through the checklist deserves all they get?
Add "knee to face as attacker falls* and that's pretty much how I dealt with a guy that thought he could hit me in the face and readjust my nose/give me a black eye.

Sumbitch didn't know what hit him.

I HATED doing it, too.
A Kin Geri kick to the groin... sounds nasty :p
Some of the gentlemen in the class were looking a little worried, even though we'd been told not to even think about making contact during that bit!
Seems a bit OTT! The drill as I remembered it from my TKD days was to fake a jab or punch to the head/face, which would make the aggressor focus on that while you aimed a kick up under one of their kneecaps. The theory being you had an opening to either do one or sweep away their standing leg...and then do one!
More than one way to skin a cat, I guess (my least favourite metaphor of all time).
I can imagine. An old friend of mine used to say "More than one way to toss a salad!" as an alternative. It's only now I realise how wrong it sounds...

While there is nothing I like more than seeing aggressors, thugs and muggers getting the crap kicked out of them by their would-be victim, there's self-defence and then there's taking the proverbial...