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Last time I visited my mum, we went to the local garden centre, where I somehow ended up with a small ornamental husky. When I went out on the balcony just now to find a spot for him I noticed that the neighbours had a small ornamental squirrel on their balcony, so there was only one possible direction the husky could face.

Can you spot the squirrel?



I think I can see it - roughly in the very centre of the photo, there's something peeking over the wall?
Heh! Yes - the little brown blob in the corner of the next balcony.
*giggle* Have the neighbors noticed? ^_^
Alas, I have no way of finding out - unless I come out one day to find they've added a hawk staring at the husky...
They'll have to notice it eventually. I wonder what theyll do !

Not sure a hawk is good medicine for huskies. And especially not a good balcony-mate for a rodent. Maybe a roc? Or a whole flock of magpies. I know the ode only goes up to seven, but in Gothenburg they seem to swarm in rook-like quantities...
I somehow ended up with a small ornamental husky

"Somehow". Yes. Of course... =:P
That husky was just resting in my account! (Kennel?)
Very much like that. Yes.

I loves my silly friend! 😆
:D *hugs*