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Mallory Park

The Mild Weekend

I was sceptical about the mild weekend we'd been promised, but it did indeed come to pass. Heading to Woking on Saturday afternoon to spend the night with friends, I took the scenic route via the A25 and Ranmore Common, and what a pleasure it was to be out on the bike and not be cold!

Sunday we visited Brooklands for a nose round the sold and unsold beauties from the previous day's classic car auction. There was also a meeting of the Austin and Morris Owners' Club (or Maustin and Orris, as an unfortunate announcer managed to say at one point), with some lovely old vehicles as well as examples of that well-known classic, the late-reg Metro.

Friends' small daughter is always very interested in the scooter and wants to sit on the back. This time she very much wanted me to turn the engine on and convey her across the cul de sac, but I sensed parental disapproval and had to refuse.


Slightly off topic, dear, but do you have a Facebook page?
Fraid not! I have succumbed to Twitter but not yet FB.
Okie-dokey. I found my old photos from my visit back in 2003. I'm scanning them into my computer to upload to Facebook.
Oh, cool! Send me the link if it's not locked? ^.^
Will do!

Pics Link

Re: Pics Link

Looks like I need an account. I'll get Wardy to show me when he visits next weekend!

Re: Pics Link

Sorry to butt in, but I TOTALLY second that you must get a FB account!

You have missed soooo many posts about your pupniece, dear huskypal... including video & photos! 😄 (as well as personal going ons - including HEDGEHOG video clips!!, as we don't use LJ anymore, really. In fact, your page is the only one I really check anymore.)

In fact, I posted on my FB page about the most awesome pup development that happened this past Sunday. .. so, when you have an account, please let me know.... or have Wardy dudirect you to my page! Have been hoping you would get an account at some point... even said do to Tiger!

Yay... this will be great! ☺☺☺☺

Ok.,.. will butt back out now!

Re: Pics Link

I'm just not that keen - but I thought that about Twitter, and I'm hooked on that now...

Re: Pics Link

Oh believe me, I totally get that. Tiger and I held off for many many years... finally gave in, and I have to admit that it makes staying connected to many people A LOT easier, esp as LJ seems to be dying down. Have found people that I wouldn't have reconnected with otherwise. Photo/link sharing is easier for me, etc. I am glad I finally did so, esp as you can have different security levels, like on LJ. (Have mine in friends only, just like my LJ) So it isnt just open to the whole world to see, if you don't want it to be. You can add just a few people, and only follow them, if you want. (A certain Fuzzytoed one has finally joined, too!)

Like I said before, I really only post on there anymore, so I definitely miss your presence, when I post. Don't mean to be pushy, it is just that I was of the same mindset as you, but now I really like it. Is always option of giving it a trial run... Just a thought. 😊 If you do, just let me jnow so I can add you!

*lots of love & hugs*

Re: Pics Link

*hugs* Will think about it! It would make my life easier in lots of ways; makes me cross when the options on a website are 'create an account and enter all your details, or just log in with Facebook'.
Okie-dokey. 😊