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Wolf Break

Eleven o'clock; coffee time.
I opened a pack of wolves.
Fur white as icing, they surged
through the office, staring and sniffing
with almond eyes and chocolate noses.
Flicking the crisp points of their ears,
they crunched across keyboards
dunked their paws in tea mugs
snapped gingerly at power cords.
Then, at the call of distant snows,
they took the lift and left, behind them just
a sugar dust of hair on carpet tile.
Next time I'll get custard creams.


Did you write that at work? Blimey.
...maybe. (I had the idea in a meeting, certainly.)
Haha, cute! :)
Glad you liked!
Quite brilliant! However, I can't help but feel snowshoe hares ought to've been the stars. =:)

(Probably a bit less snapping at cords than nibbling on them, though leporine combat certainly also exists)
Do snowshoe hares come in packs, though?

If she puts a photo online, I'll point you at the painting my mum bought today. You will approve.
I love it! :)
Thank you!
Wolves in the office!
That's just delicious!
It is quite sweet, isn't it? :)
Chocolate noses. ^^ I like that.

Next time I'll get custard creams.

Wolves can be a handful, can't they?
Obviously the narrator isn't me, because I would pick wolves every time!