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Look Everyone, It's Me

From Twist & Go magazine's coverage of the London Run.

That's my scoot on the left, and that's me behind the one on the right.

Well done to addedentry for recognising the side of my head. I didn't, but then I don't get to see it all that often.

Speaking of scooters, I went to karate this evening.

Seems Sensei was talking to the vicar about the appalling amount of litter around the church hall where we train. The vicar said yes indeed, even an old bike had been dumped round the back. Sensei, remembering the class a few months back when my scooter was pinched from outside the hall and putting two and two together, asked whether the bike was a scooter? a brown scooter? and had it been there for a while?

It was mine, of course. Hotwired, broken into, beaten up, ripped apart, stripped of anything remotely useful or identifiable, but mine without a doubt. Dumped right back at the scene of the crime.

It's some form of closure, I suppose. And it's the insurance company's problem, not mine - they sent a cheque last week, so it's their proprty now.

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