Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

San Franciso, Day 10: The Sheriff of Rockridge (20/01)

Kristin is a petsitter, so in the morning we accompanied first Winnie the corgi, then Niko the borzoi, for their daily walks. Needless to say, neither Howard nor I found this a hardship.

Afterwards, Kristin kindly left both her Vespas in our charge while she drove off to deal with the day's cats. Jim took the lead on his red 300cc GTS, Howard followed on Kristin's white one, and I brought up the rear on her little blue 125cc LX. To my delight, Freddo the tiny dog came too, hugely excited to be riding in his carrier, which hung from the convenient hook on Jim's GTS to rest on the footboard.

A short ride through town brought us out into farmland, then countryside, and twisty roads that led up into the mountains. We stopped on Grizzly Peak to admire the view and give Freddo a quick scamper, then pressed on past a young woman playing the guitar all alone on a hillside (we weren't far from Berkeley).

Jim needed to visit the Vespa shop in Rockridge, which amused me because of Rock Ridge, the town from Blazing Saddles. We had lunch while a tyre was changed, then returned by a different and equally twisty route.

This was the first time on the trip I'd ridden myself, rather than being a passenger, and I was nervous about being responsible for someone else's bike. I soon got used to the light but low-powered LX, and by the time we rolled back into Pleasant Hill I just wanted to keep riding. The sun was going down, though, and at home there would be homemade pasta from a nearby farm shop, and cats.

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Tags: bikes, hols

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