Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

San Francisco, Day 7: Further Further Confusion (17/01)

Today Kate and Tom were attending the con as well, so I got to share their Zipcar and have a much swifter journey to San Jose. (Howard had decided that one day was quite enough, and entertained himself back in San Francisco looking for Bullitt locations.)

My first event of the day was a panel on 'Historical Fiction with a Furry Twist'. I felt rather an impostor as I faced the audience alongside kyellgold, chipotle and Rose LaCroix, all of whom write quite serious and well-thought-out furry alt-history while my strategy is more 'take a period from history and make everyone a dog', but I think I gave a reasonable account of myself, and I certainly had fun.

Afterwards I managed to catch most of the fursuit parade, and then I had a lunch date.

kaysho hasn't LJed for a long time, which is a shame, because his posts were always funny or thought-provoking or both. We have been online friends for more than ten years, and now, at last, we met! We ate at an Italian restaurant nearby, watching assorted furries roam past the window, and I can report he is just as lovely offline as on, if not more so.

Afterwards I made some purchases in the Dealers' Den and said more hellos to friends old and new. the_gneech not only introduced me to all the cool webcomic creators, but introduced me as 'a brilliant author from the UK' ("I'm going to keep saying it until you believe it!")

I had forfeited my ride home by accepting a dinner invitation from part of the Sofawolf crew, and my companions kindly selected a Cajun place near the station so I could hop on a train at the end of the meal. And so I added a catfish po'boy to the list of delightful new experiences my holiday brought.

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Tags: furry, hols

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