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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

San Francisco, Day 6: Get Furry (16/01)

This was the first day of San Jose-based furry convention Further Confusion. Howard and I had the excitement of a double-decker train, the Caltrain, to take us there from San Francisco, and amused ourselves by spotting places we'd passed on our bike trip.

The con got off to a sticky start when I spent half an hour in the wrong registration queue then lost my badge within ten metres of picking it up. A Subway lunch and the discovery that the reason I hadn't found my badge was that it had been super-efficiently whisked off to Lost & Found before I noticed its absence cheered me a little, but it was still like being in a strange parallel universe where everyone looked like someone I know, but I didn't actually know anyone.

Then, as we prowled around the back of the Dealers' Den, someone said "Are you Huskyteer?" I gave a cautious affirmative and learned I had been collared by Alopex of sofawolf, who have been kind enough to publish several of my short stories. (Asked how he'd recognised me, he said it was the hair.)

Once in the Den, I met the rest of the Sofawolf crew then said hello to the other furry publishers, FurPlanet and Rabbit Valley. Then it was time for my first panel of the weekend, the Furry Writers' Guild Meet & Greet.

The idea was to introduce potential new members to the idea that there's an organisation for furry writers, but it was also a chance for members to meet each other offline. I was delighted to meet Mary E. Lowd (you should read Otters In Space. Yes, all of you), along with some long-established fandom writers like Watts Martin and Michael H. Payne, and newcomers Franklin Leo and Sasya.

Once we'd all finished fangirling and fanboying each other, we gave a talk of sorts.

My next Nice Thing was running into the_gneech. We've been LJ friends for...over a decade, now, but never met in person, and it was lovely to rectify this at long last. Howard and I ended the day by going out for a Thai meal with Mary Lowd and her husband Daniel, where we talked writing, travel, and capybaras.

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One nice thing about Cons is bumping into friends you've never met before... ;)

I was surprised not to run into any British furs I know; I'm sure they were there, somewhere.
It's curious how it can be both easy and difficult to bump into folk you knw at a big convention, even when you know they are there somewhere...

Edited at 2015-02-01 06:36 pm (UTC)
And some people you run into over and over and over...
It's much easier at smaller Cons (like next weekend's filk con near Colchester).
Alas, we didn't get to do the coffee, but meeting you was still a treat. Here's hoping we can do it again sometime!

Also, thank you for the pens. ;)

You are most welcome! Looking forward to the next time already!
Asked how he'd recognised me, he said it was the hair

See, if you were Simon Singh, I could accept that. =:) (I have some good shots of him, but.. the lighting was abominable, so I had to drop the shutter speed crazily. So at best, his face is okay, just with spookily blurred hands. And at worst, well, I'm not the kind to blackmail anyone. =:)