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This IS me (by schwitters)Default


I happened to wake up around 5, and because I am a big child I thought I'd look out of the window on the off chance it had snowed. To my excitement, an inch or so of powder coated everything in sight and a large fox was padding round the car park opposite, going WAT DIS?

Now I'm up properly it's almost all gone, so I'm glad I had a brief glimpse of Wonderland.


I love snow. ^_^ (Snowshoe hare, you know =:) Ironically, I rarely lived anywhere I actually see much of the stuff, having spent most of my time in the very southern UK and West Coast US (Southern Oregon and California).

Ah well. If I had the money for a holiday home, it'd unquestionably have to be somewhere with reliable snowfall. Maybe Finland somewhere? (Though there'd also have to be an equally reliable net.connection - I am a thoroughly digital bunny)
We got some today! It's pretty.

I did love my time in Swedish Lapland. Motorbikes in summer and dogsledding in winter, that's the kind of lifestyle I'm talking about...