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San Francisco, Day 1: Golden Gate Park (11/01)

Kate conducted us to a cafe on Haight Street for the first of many enormous brunches, in my case a 'Denver crepe' (eggs, ham, onion, peppers, topped with orange cheese). The guy ahead of me in the queue was ordering the cheapest available glass of red wine ("I don't need to taste it, man, I just need to drink it", while the one behind was accompanied by a tiny and immaculately groomed dog.

If this was Haight-Ashbury on a quiet Sunday morning, I couldn't imagine what it would be like in wilder mood. A homeless man walked past the window with a cardboard sign reading "JUST WANT A COLD FUCKIN BEER", and as we walked back to Kate's apartment a group of youths carrying musical instruments admired my Doc Martens and instructed me "You rock out today!" We paused to admire a red Mini with the licence plate I♥BDSM, which put us in the perfect spot to see a man strolling down Ashbury in nothing but a gold sparkly pouch.

We wandered into Golden Gate Park, where I got excited about the signs warning of coyotes. We didn't see any, of course, but did spot a hummingbird. We weren't interested enough to pay for entry to the art museum, but the kind guard on the door informed us that going up the tower was free, so we got in the lift to enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

The park is vast and we didn't even make it halfway, finishing at Stow Lake where we hired a pedal boat (instructions: "Have fun! Fun is mandatory") for an hour of vigorous exercise and waterfowl inspection. On the way out we passed an ice cream van and I had a handmade organic natural cone which was not dissimilar to a Mr Whippy.

Kate and Tom were out for the evening but had recommended a pizza place, so we ventured out into the San Francisco night to Escape From New York Pizza for a takeaway.

Dog, Haight-Ashbury

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