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Nothing But Good News

Good news the first: my contract has been extended until the end of March, with a pay rise! But it's going to stop for two weeks and then recommence, because:

Good news the second: I'm going on holiday!

Tomorrow Howard and I will be flying to San Francisco, a city I visited in 2004 and fell in love with, to spend a week with an old friend of mine from school and another week with a friend from the scooter forum who's moved out there.

In the middle, I'll be attending Further Confusion in San Jose. This will be my first furry convention outside the UK. I'm very excited about meeting online pals old and new, and also about:

Good news the third: I have a short story in Fred Patten-edited anthology The Furry Future, launching at the con. Maybe I'll get to sign copies! *packs orange pen*
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You'll enjoy it! Make sure to give Gneech (& Vince if he's nearby) a hug from me, as I'm sure you'll bump into him there a few times :D

Congrats about the published works too! :)
Thanks, you!
Have a great time!

Make sure to chat with (Not) Tube and Jakebe -- they're lovely people. I'm sure you'll cross paths with them at some of the writing panels.
I'll keep an eye out - thanks!
W00t, w00t! There must be meetings and such. :)

Definitely! I will seek you out in the Dealers' Den and we can plot!


That's a lot of good news packed in! Best of luck.
Thank you!
Oh, finestkind! Will you have time before and/or after the con to actually rove around the area a bit? Needless to say, I'd be happy to offer suggestions for places of photographic and gastronomic interest. ^_^ (On the former: Nimitz Way. Really, it's the best spot to see the entire Bay Area in one place - you won't believe just how far, and how much, you'll see. ^_^ It's possible to drive there, though it's much more rewarding to hike down to the valley floor and then up. ^_^ Can catch a bus from the downtown Berkeley BART up to the entrance to Tilden)
Ooh, thank you for the tip! Probably not a lot of time in San Jose, but you never know!
So much good news! \o/

Say hi to San Francisco for me....
It does take a hold of one's heart, doesn't it?
Sounds like you'll be back about a week before I go out there (further south, mind you). Places I enjoyed that would require a bit of travel but aren't a million miles from where you're heading included Monterey Bay Aquarium, Old Sacramento (including the California State Railroad Museum) and (for big trees, various) Redwood National and State Parks and King's Canyon National Park. Wherever you actually go, have fun! :-)
Thank you! Would very much like to drive through a giant redwood, but that's probably a little far, alas!
Hope you have a great time!! :)
Thank you!
Hope to see you at FC!
I'll look out for you!
Have a good time out there, and enjoy the Con.
Hooray for jobly goodness, holidays and writing success - may there be much more for you :)
Oh go you! You'd better say hi to your fellow writer husky @Tempo321 for me. You'll find him most of the time at the Sofawolf booth :D
I don't think he was around this time, alas, but I got to meet Brer and Alopex!

(Hm, apparently I've forgotten how to type on a fullsize keyboard after a fortnight on the iPad...)
congrats on your contract extension!! what kind of work is it?

Enjoy your holiday, sounds like a lot of fun !
Thanks! It's writing and editing copy for a website, which is what I'm trying to move into, away from front end dev which I've been doing for a decade and am fed up with now...
holidays are good!

congrats on the stension too
Cool beans! FC's a fun time, just be prepared to walk around a bit, especially if you're in the second hotel. :-)

Oh, and this is apparently a reply to a reply! Well, hello scaree. :-)

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