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Nothing But Good News

Good news the first: my contract has been extended until the end of March, with a pay rise! But it's going to stop for two weeks and then recommence, because:

Good news the second: I'm going on holiday!

Tomorrow Howard and I will be flying to San Francisco, a city I visited in 2004 and fell in love with, to spend a week with an old friend of mine from school and another week with a friend from the scooter forum who's moved out there.

In the middle, I'll be attending Further Confusion in San Jose. This will be my first furry convention outside the UK. I'm very excited about meeting online pals old and new, and also about:

Good news the third: I have a short story in Fred Patten-edited anthology The Furry Future, launching at the con. Maybe I'll get to sign copies! *packs orange pen*
Tags: hols, writing

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