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My Year In Books

Thank you, Goodreads, for this charming visual!

It's fairly representative of my interests: doggies, motorbikes, aeroplanes, comedy, the 1960s, and people who simply write damn well.

It would be hard to pick a favourite. I asked for and got the new Nick Hornby, Funny Girl, for Christmas and finished it by Boxing Day lunchtime, lamenting that I hadn't managed to save it for longer. Where'd You Go, Bernadette was a compulsive page-turner as well as laugh-out-loud funny.

On the non-fiction side, Shady Characters is a beautiful hardback of punctuation porn while The A303 - Highway to the Sun is charmingly English (I passed it on to a visiting Californian scooterist), and Dispatches by Michael Herr is a stunningly good book about the Vietnam War.

For my Book of the Year, though, I'm naming The Good Soldier Švejk, by Jaroslav Hašek. Over 90 years old and never completed due to what TVTropes terms 'author existence failure', but still very funny, often in a bitter and dreadful way reminiscent of Catch-22. It's got great illustrations and provides insight into a world that no longer exists. But the reason I'll always remember it is that I read it while travelling through the Czech landscape in which it is set.
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