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It's been an interesting year. When I said at the start of it that I wanted a greater proportion of my income to come from my writing, I didn't mean I wanted my salary halved. (Be careful what you wish for!)

Still, though. Here are the things I did in 2014 that I hadn't done before:

  • I had a couple of poems published.
  • I read one of my short stories aloud to an audience (and it was voted the evening's favourite).
  • I visited Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, albeit briefly.
  • I quit a job because I hated it, without a new one to go to.
  • I published an ebook.

Things I didn't do:

  • I didn't write anything for children. I've had little success in this area, so it's easy to be tempted away into other markets that do publish me, but I shouldn't give up so easily on a lifelong ambition.
  • I didn't have a story published by a woman's magazine. I wrote one following a brilliant one-day workshop run by Woman's Weekly, but it was rejected. Again, not an adequate reason to quit trying.
  • I didn't come anywhere near earning enough from writing to quit the day job.

And now another year hurtles towards us, with all its promise, and the potential to complete some or all of those projects that have been reaching out to tap me on the shoulder whenever I blow an evening playing Doctor Who: Legacy.

Let's go!
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