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Cat Air

Dirty Stop-Out

(I am the only one of my team in the office this week. Expect plenty of this sort of thing.)

Overnights Meme

List the places where you spent a night away from home this year, marking places where you spent two or more non-consecutive nights with an asterisk.

* Broadmayne, Dorset (Howard)
* Furzehill, Dorset (callmemadam)
East London (catsitting for lozette)
Woking (friends)
* Kippax (Howard's bro and family)
Hawtry, Yorkshire Dales (X9 Forum Annual Bash)
Birmingham (ConFuzzled)
Windsor (yagfox)
Fylde Coast (X9 Forum Scotland trip)
Largs ("")
Isle of Mull ("")
Isle of Bute ("")
* Sydenham, five minutes up the road (catsitting for friends)
Gloucester (Royal International Air Tattoo)
Falaise, France (Bike Normandy)
Harwich - Hook of Holland ferry (Czech trip)
Erfurt, Germany ("")
Beroun, Czech Republic ("")
Sumava National Park, CZ ("")
Brno, CZ ("")
Ostrov, CZ ("")
Dortmund, Germany ("")
Central London (Howard business trip)


Nice :)

I haven't spent a night away from home in 15 years. Not even accidentally.
I am lucky in having so little responsibility I can wander off quite easily! And I am grateful.
Kippax is a massively unconvincing British placename. But since you've gone to the bother of adding a fake Wikipedia entry for it, I suppose I'll have to believe you :-)
Halifax is even less convincing. It's just that we've all got used to it.
Argh. I wish you hadn't said that. I'm currently reading a novel in which the Extremely Mysterious Big Bad is named Haliax. I hadn't noticed the resemblance, and now he's always going to have a marked West Yorkshire accent :(
Tut, lazy author choosing character names by removing letters from English towns!