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Cat Air

LJ Maps

Last week, LiveJournal announced LJ Maps, a way to add and browse posts by location. I've been amusing myself by putting in landmarks from my trip to the Czech Republic, and, time allowing, I'd like to get all my holidays up there eventually.

I see ggreig has also been busy; there isn't, as far as I can tell, an option to highlight posts from a particular user, which is a shame, because it would be ace to follow e.g. fivemack's adventures.

According to lj_maps, there are free v-gifts for those who add posts to the map within the first two weeks of launch, so I look forward to that...


I have some key locations mentioned in my LJ identified by tags, so it was relatively easy to dig back through those entries and add them to the map if they might add something worth reading. I may do some more when I have some spare time again.

It was annoying getting a confirmation e-mail each time I added something, and I hope the option to add an entry when you author it gets added, but an interesting start.
I at least don't have email notifications set up, but I was taken aback by the many messages on the homepage thanking me for my contribution!

I liked the robin.
It does indeed sound like quite a cool concept! I suspect I'll be taking it for a spin over Christmas, amidst some highly welcome time back at Mum's place. And finally a superb opportunity to catch up with lupestripe's recent travelogues! (Now there's someone who could use the new toy!)