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Monocle Husky

Puppy Steps

I released an ebook!

Two stories about life, love, and L-plates.

In the Cóyotl-nominated Mirror, Signal, Manouevre, Max the wolf agrees to be a sperm donor for his best friend Jess, a clouded leopard, without realizing that his decision will have consequences not only for his relationship with Jess and her partner Cate but for his own blossoming romance with basset hound Simon, while in Baby on Board looking after their friends' cub for the day leaves Max questioning his own partnership with Simon.

This was largely an exercise in finding out how easy it is to export an ebook from Scrivener (answer: pretty easy, but tweaking the results is a massive timesink) and to put it up on Amazon (answer: frighteningly easy! Quality control must be firmly instigated!).

Word count is > 20,000, and you can buy from Bad Dog Books as well as Amazon (US / UK). (It's slightly cheaper on BDB, and you'll be supporting an indie publisher.)

Cover art by the young, gifted and reasonably priced FelineMyth.

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That's terrific news! How's life otherwise?
Ticking along! Trying to write more and web-develop less, not always successfully...

Glad you're still reading! Hope you're doing OK too?
Yeah, not too bad. I just wondered how things were since you left your job. I'm so glad you're happier, at least.
Much! Poorer but far happier :)
I hate having to say this, but it's "manoeuvre", rather than "manouevre". Hopefully this is easy to fix...?
I knew having a word that's one of my blind spots in the title would cause problems!

But, like I said, this was an experiment in self-publishing, and 'massive error comes to light following publication' is one to tick off the list...
Ah, you're a star! Thank you!
Aaaaand ordered from BDB. The payment seemed to go through with no problems, so I'm just waiting till they process it and (presumably) send a link or an attached file. :) Assuming they send it as a Kindle book, I don't have one of those readers but I know there are ways to still access it. Anyway, I'll certainly be looking forward to giving that a read and I hope it does well for you! :)
Thank you so much - that really means a lot to me, and I hope you enjoy it! *hugs*

Now you've created an account, you should be able to log in and download anything you've purchased. You can choose epub or mobi (Kindle), whatever's best for you.
*Hugs* That's okay, I know from what I'd seen of your writing elsewhere that it's definitely good enough to justify buying a copy. :) I'll let you know what I thought of it when I have a chance too.

Ah, yes of course. When I was in the account before, clicking on "My Account" didn't seem to do anything. But when I tried it just now I got the screen that offered the different options, and I can use epub on my Nook reader. So that should be great thanks. :)
Despite my acutely impoverished condition (haven't hit the iceberg quite yet), that's very tempting. ^_^ (Typical rabbit. I get to the bottom of the page, and see the promo thumbnail for Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold.. instantly distracted. ^_^;

What form does the file come as, from BDB? Looks like ePub and/or Mobi, which should work fine.
I wouldn't want to be responsible for sending you to the breadline - perhaps responsible for depriving you of a day's Starbucks would be OK?

Yep, BDB offer epub and mobi, both of which can be downloaded from your account as often as you need.