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I released an ebook!

Two stories about life, love, and L-plates.

In the Cóyotl-nominated Mirror, Signal, Manouevre, Max the wolf agrees to be a sperm donor for his best friend Jess, a clouded leopard, without realizing that his decision will have consequences not only for his relationship with Jess and her partner Cate but for his own blossoming romance with basset hound Simon, while in Baby on Board looking after their friends' cub for the day leaves Max questioning his own partnership with Simon.

This was largely an exercise in finding out how easy it is to export an ebook from Scrivener (answer: pretty easy, but tweaking the results is a massive timesink) and to put it up on Amazon (answer: frighteningly easy! Quality control must be firmly instigated!).

Word count is > 20,000, and you can buy from Bad Dog Books as well as Amazon (US / UK). (It's slightly cheaper on BDB, and you'll be supporting an indie publisher.)

Cover art by the young, gifted and reasonably priced FelineMyth.

dog driverssamller heads2
Tags: books, furry, writing
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