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Christmas husky

Jolly Christmas Postmen

Just to balance out the Yodel rant, I was pleasantly surprised by my lunchtime experience in the Post Office in Bromley (now squeezed into the back of Smiths; the former PO was briefly an alleged charity shop with a handwritten sign reading'Charity Shop', and is now a Mexican restaurant).

There was a queue, of course, but it was moving rapidly, and there was a chap in a shopkeeper's apron walking along it, selling stamps to cash buyers. When it was my turn, I was served by an employee who was pleasant, competent, and didn't try to sell me any travel insurance.


I went to the post office yesterday and there was no queue! And I had to buy stickers instead of Christmas stamps! I felt I'd missed out on a Christmas experience, somehow.
When I went, someone was sending an enormous box with some sort of musical toy inside that kept going off!