Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

It's About The Music, Man

The tail end of last week got super sociable, as I did dinner for (different) friends on both Wednesday and Thursday. Normally I am the one who makes the effort to travel in return for getting fed, so it made a change to do it the other way round. On the one hand, I find cooking for others a bit stressful; on the other, I could be in bed ten minutes after my guests left. Plus they brought me booze, and my roast potatoes turned out so well that I was quizzed on how I made them and had to confess to a combination of following my mum's methods and winging it. (My one pro tip: slice the potatoes longitudinally, for greater surface area.)

On Friday I went to hear Tom Cox talk at my local indie bookshop in the company of other likeminded souls, including timato whom I hadn't seen for years. Tom is my age and makes his living writing amusing books about cats, but is, annoyingly, far too nice for me to hate properly.

Last night was virtually sociable, on the initiative of insofox who came up with the idea of having a simultaneous album listen and IM chat. I think there were four of us listening along to the Decemberists' Picaresque, discussing each track in turn, and it didn't require much imagination to picture ourselves lolling on beanbags around a record player instead of hunched over computers, miles apart.
Tags: books

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