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Christmas Max & 99

The Advent Stick

It struck me a few days ago that it was nearly December, I didn't have an Advent calendar, and the ones with tasteful pictures are expensive while the ones with cheap chocolate are horrible. So I set my powerful intellect to the problem of something seasonal, easy to construct in a short timeframe, and cheap if not free.

This is what I came up with.

Advent Branch

Yes. It's a stick with 24 nails hammered into it. Every day, I get to hang a tiny ornament (of which I have many) on a nail, thus marking the passage of December.

Helps defend those Christmas presents from burglars too!

(Stick provided by Howard.)


That looks so very cool....
It's...well, 'rustic' would be a kind word!
Thus a new tradition is born! By 2020 I reckon they'll be making them on Blue Peter - complete with exhortations to get an adult to help you with the hammering, of course.
You'll put your eye out, kid!
I only wonder if you're going to go from one end to the other, thus having a very slanty calendar for a good 2/3 of the advent season, or if you've already planned to alternate adding on either end to balance things out.

(engineers can't have nice things because we deconstruct them too readily XD )
You're not the only person wondering that.

Then again, you're not the only engineer here. (-8
I considered both options, and I'm gonna go with left to right to make it obvious how much of the month has passed, and so it deliberately won't look complete until Christmas!
That's a great idea!
I wonder if it will catch on?
That totally looks like a way more authentic/trad/artisan custom you've just made up than the naff cardboard windows thing. You just need a fake backstory to go with, or as a former artist housemate used to say, "a good blurb".
The story of how Alice left it too late to make anything better needs some spin...
Very ingenious. You'd better patent it before Sarah Raven or some other purveyor of rustic charm nicks your idea.
One of my Vespa-forum friends referred to it as 'Scandi minimal chic' :)

Also, I found my Christmas decorations!! They were, astoundingly, in a box of Christmas stuff. Along with several hoarded pressies I'd forgotten buying.