Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Everything's Coming Up Husky

Apologies for my long absence from the LJ front. As well as changing jobs, I have moved house, and home internet has only just been attained. Please assume I have no knowledge of anything you may have blogged over the last three weeks.

New flat: spacious, with a small balcony and an actual table at which one can eat meals like a civilised human being. A stone's throw from what estate agents disturbingly describe as Crystal Palace's 'vibrant triangle'.

New job: interesting, worthwhile, nice team, shame it's only till Christmas. (On my first day the guy who sits next to me made a joke about dogging, and I knew I had come home.)

Other things I have been doing:
  • Attended a performance of Welcome to Nightvale at the Shepherd's Bush Empire with my friend Oli
  • Bought the new Pink Floyd album on limited edition double vinyl and played it to death
  • Had my friend Kate round to dinner; stayed up till midnight talking, drinking wine and listening to LPs
  • Caught up with Dr Who and burst into tears, predictably, at [Spoiler (click to open)]Cyber Brig OMG
  • Written two furry-type stories within a week (possibly not unconnected to, er, unconnectedness), one of which was accepted within hours of submission

In conclusion: it's all good.
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