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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Everything's Coming Up Husky

Apologies for my long absence from the LJ front. As well as changing jobs, I have moved house, and home internet has only just been attained. Please assume I have no knowledge of anything you may have blogged over the last three weeks.

New flat: spacious, with a small balcony and an actual table at which one can eat meals like a civilised human being. A stone's throw from what estate agents disturbingly describe as Crystal Palace's 'vibrant triangle'.

New job: interesting, worthwhile, nice team, shame it's only till Christmas. (On my first day the guy who sits next to me made a joke about dogging, and I knew I had come home.)

Other things I have been doing:
  • Attended a performance of Welcome to Nightvale at the Shepherd's Bush Empire with my friend Oli
  • Bought the new Pink Floyd album on limited edition double vinyl and played it to death
  • Had my friend Kate round to dinner; stayed up till midnight talking, drinking wine and listening to LPs
  • Caught up with Dr Who and burst into tears, predictably, at [Spoiler (click to open)]Cyber Brig OMG
  • Written two furry-type stories within a week (possibly not unconnected to, er, unconnectedness), one of which was accepted within hours of submission

In conclusion: it's all good.


at which one can eat meals like a civilised human being

I'm hoping "like" there means "in the manner of", not "such as"…

I'd been thinking earlier today that it might be time to prod and check you'd not fallen off the face of the Earth. It seems you've haven't. (-8
Thank you for noticing! Yes, quiet in a good way, if a slightly annoying one.

What all-round excellent news. Hurrah!

Glad things are going well! :-)
Thanks - it's good to be back, too!
I am much worse at LJ at the moment, but I'm pleased I happened here this afternoon, and saw you here!

The changes sound like good ones - I'm glad. And I definitely know what you mean about the Doctor Who thing. Oh yes. I loved that.
Glad you stopped by! And yes, much more moved by that than by any Clara-related plot...
I was, of course, touched by the tribute to the Brigadier on board the flight - but to later see that.. wow. extraordinarily daring, and I imagine Moff'll be fielding some flack. Yet so perfectly apt, as presented. I really doubt he'd be objecting.

Nothing new longer term? Aw, pity. Still, doing better than me. ^_^ Any prospect of this extending beyonc its initial term?
It has already been extended to January! But TBH, I can't afford to do it long-term, as the pay's pretty terrible.