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A Short Poem About Optimism

Every morning I wake up and say
"Perhaps something nice will happen today?"
It generally does not.
But it's worth a shot.


Thank you.
Based on a true story!

Edited at 2014-10-06 07:09 pm (UTC)
That made me smile, so something nice *has* happened today.

The new Wendy Cope:-)
Oh, good!

I thought afterwards it was a bit Ogden Nash-y.
And if it doesn't, maybe I'll think of something I can do today to make something nice happen tomorrow.

And then actually do it.
Damn right!
I love this.
I'm glad!
Every morning I wake up and cry
"Today is a great day for someone ELSE to die!"
It's never worked yet, sigh.
But it's worth a try.
> "Today is a great day for someone ELSE to die!"

...should I be scared? :)
Naww, you're one of the good ones. :)
Glad to hear it!
Every time I see that icon, I think of Sweetheart's current situation in Skin Horse. ^_^; (If you don't follow the strip, the storyline's currently in flux - the department's been disbanded)
Haven't looked in for a while - thanks for the reminder!