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I Knew It

Better get on and do it, then.

You Should Write Young Adult

You are the type of person who still has all your diaries from your teenage years. And they have some great material.
You love to write about years gone by, even if your work isn't exactly non-fiction. You remember enough to have very inspired stories.

You believe there's no more passion than one feels when you're young. You love recapturing those feelings without having to actually go back to that time.
You are flexible enough to write like you're a teenager - with the wisdom and perspective of an adult!



Interesting quiz, but I couldn't really answer most of the questions. Would Boston or San Francisco better for writing in? I couldn't tell, though my gut feeling is that the city you're in is hardly going to be the decisive factor as far as the best environment for writing is concerned. What sort of stories do I like? Any and all of the ones listed, so long as they're good. The ideal protagonist? There isn't one, I think; you could write about all sorts of characters, and writing different people is part of the fun (and the challenge).

The result is still fairly accurate:

Your ideas are out of this world, and it's hard to imagine you writing anything other than sci-fi. You're quite creative. You are constantly dreaming up new scenarios, and you like playing with theories. You refuse to be constrained by reality.

You are very open to the world and to your own identity as a writer. You refuse to be pigeonholed. You never know what direction your ideas will take you, and you're cool with that. You enjoy being a little out of this world!

Apparently this means I should write science-fiction, BTW. Why that, I'm not sure: the result text could apply to any sort of fiction, really. I might've called it "alternate universe", in the most general sense: anything that is not necessarily constrained by the realities of our own world.

But yes, definitely interesting. :)

Edited at 2014-09-28 04:02 pm (UTC)
I figure it's pretty much bundled everything not quite set in the "real" world, whether Fantasy, Horror, Speculative Fiction, Space Opera, or whatever, as "Sci-Fi"...
Really I should write children's, not YA, as I'm far more interested in talking animals than in high school hijinks. That wasn't one of the results, though, so I figure it's close enough!
Yeah, there really aren't that many possible results, are there...

I suspect none of the YA books I've read get that close to the stereotypical high school hijinks though. Schools, where they figure at all, are usually a little unusual, and where they're fairly normal they're most likely incidental background.
I should write romance!
Oh, and buy a Boden skirt. I just have.
Targeted advertising is scary!
Apparently Sci-Fi is my thing. I wonder what answers make it Fantasy... ;)
A fine line!