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My So-called LiveJournal

Get huskyteer! (Nick At Nite): huskyteer (Humphrey Bogart) and addedentry (Lauren Bacall) make trouble for j4 (Greta Garbo) by concealing her badgers in a cake. Meanwhile loganberrybunny (voiced by Richard Briers) goes on a blind date with footpad (David Hasselhoff), who tries to eat him, and bhata (Mel Gibson) has an unwelcome surprise for wardy (Keanu Reeves). A case of mistaken identity for mauralabingi (Orlando Bloom) and akira114 (Groucho Marx) results in fivemack (Eddie Murphy) breaking afriti (Bob Geldof)'s favourite china meerkat and spottedhyena (Matthew Perry) ending up nude yet again. verlaine (Jude Law) and atommickbrane (Joyce Grenfell) fall out over a game of Scrabble at jiggery_pokery (Daniel Radcliffe)'s place, but kowarth (Patrick Troughton) and him_over_there (Patrick Macnee) haven't been seen since a mysterious DVD arrived for zorac (Patrick Stewart). It's up to simbani (Dick Van Dyke) and sloopjonb (Clive Dunn) to talk some sense into everyone. Cameo from Dame Edna Everage as londonfurs.

You want one done the sissy way now, I bet.
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