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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

No, But I Play One On The Internet

So yesterday I applied for this job. It's a copywriting role for an online community, and would involve, essentially, looking at dogs on the internet all day. GET IN.

This morning I received the following response from the recruiter:
My client will only consider current dog owners for this specialist role. Are you a current dog owner ?
If you are, please re-email me the cv in Word and add which dog you own onto the cv ( breed/name etc !) Please add “ DOGS” in the subject line of the email and I will get back to you

Obviously it occurred to me to invent a dog and get involved in About a Boy-style farce. An imaginary dog would hardly be a stretch; I've had them all my life. But this is reality and I am too cowardly to keep up a lengthy campaign of deception involving Photoshop, heartwarming anecdotes, and making sure to turn up at work with hair on my jumper and loose doggy treats in my bag.



Bummer! Why didn't they make it clear in the original ad?
Indeed! The ad says "dog owner/lover", which clearly offers the choice of being either. Bah! Humbug!
Boo... :(
Go and buy a dog, immediately! You've never had a better excuse.

Or, kill off the fake dog the day before your employment starts.
It sounds such a good job for you...I agree with the comments above, don't give up yet!
My client will only consider current dog owners for this specialist role.

What kind of weird requirement for a copywriting job is that? o.O

Is that a quote from your imaginary dog?
Heh, that was deliberate, yes!

Point out you would have a dog if circumstances permit. Point out that the ad said dog lovers were allowed as well as dog >owners. Point out you've taken dog-related holidays. Ask the recruiter to forward your CV anyway, or at least to consider doing so if they have no other applicants?

Doggedness may be an acceptable substitute for dog. /-8
They lost me at "CV in Word".

A little surprised a UK-based job is this openly whimsical and making-it-up-as-they-go about an advertised position. Not exactly an "at will" state"! Poor show by both the employer and the recruiter,
Yeah, I particularly dislike agencies who're clearly intent on doctoring a CV before they send it on to their clients...
Surely "vetting" in this case, no?


I'll get me coat.
Argh! ;)
Perhaps Tala could lend you a hand? *grin*
Or a paw? The thought did occur to me!
As I said in my reply e-mail, I am cool about it. 😊

Even if you use her to say that you have a doggy niece, who you see regularly, etc. We have photos of you together (and always a good excuse to visit to take more! 😉)

In all seriousness, Tala is happy to volunteer any way that she can - be it as "your" doggy, or ad your pupniece with whom you are quite involved in helping us raise! We are very happy to help, if it will help!


<3 I would be proud to argue that my niece is a dog!
Feel free to do so, if you decide to! Am sure we can provide any necessary "documentation", so to speak, if needed!

😆 There has been e-mails exchanged about such!

Well that's a bit bloody off! I work for a transport company but I don't have an HGV license, FFS!

I don't suppose Lars counts?
Or my several dozen plushies?
That's a real pity - sounded like the perfect position, and Gerard's Cross is, from what I understand, rather a pleasant little town. And within reach of two of my favorite pubs, the Royal Standard of England, just west of Beaconsfield (not "Beckensfield", though pronounced much the same way), and the Jolly Cricketers, a nice little walk north of the Seers Green station.
That's comforting to know (just in case), since it sounded suspiciously like the arse end of Slough to me!
Snerk! I suspect that "arse end of Slough" isn't considered especially on-message by local estate agents. And indeed, wouldn't it imply that Slough has any non-arse ends? A bold claim!

Not sure whether to recommend you take the "owned dog creative accountancy" approach, or the "I know my rights, forward my CV lest I report you to advertising standards, an employment tribunal, and/or your trade body!" one. Either way, surely this should not stand!
I have sent an email along the lines of 'FFS, this is ridiculous', but more politely put. We'll see.
I commend -- though can not emotionally internalise! -- said restraint.