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I'm extremely chuffed to be a part of two anthologies from Rabbit Valley, available now or coming soon.

Tales from the Guild: Music to your Ears is the inaugural anthology of stories by members of the Furry Writers' Guild, intended to raise the profile of the guild and, ideally, some funds. There are some excellent stories in here, all themed around the power of music; I especially recommend Mark Neeley's 'Echoes from the Consort Box', a tale of bats and spiders, and M. H. Payne's 'Deep Down among the Dagger Dancers', which features cats as interdimensional monsters of legend and squirrels as critters who just love a good hoedown. Then there's my own story, the gist of which should be obvious from the title: 'Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out'.

As soon as I saw the call for submissions for Pulp! Two-Pawed Tales of Adventure, seeking retro-style stories harking back to the golden age of radio, comics, and cheap paperback books with lurid covers, I knew I had to write something for it. The result is 'Flight of the Fire Dragon', starring basenji dog flying ace Rooi Randall and caracal lynx diamond heiress Felicity Blake, who use their daredevil wing-walking act as a cover for top secret government work. If the audience has half as much fun reading it as I did writing it, they're in for a treat.

I was looking through my pile of contributor copies last night, and it's amazing how quickly they've stacked up. My next ambition: a book all my own, that I don't have to share with anyone :)
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