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Up On The Ridgeway

I was a little surprised when Howard announced that we were going to see some art on Sunday. It turned out to be the Inside Out Dorset arts festival, with open-air events taking place along the South Dorset Ridgeway.

First up was 'Caravan Obscura', which was, as the name implies, a camera obscura in a caravan. After a safety announcement, the lights went out and the caravan went through a 6-minute revolution, with the view outside projected upside-down on a sheet. This took place at Hardy's Monument (not Thomas Hardy, as you might expect, but the kissing one), which was open, so we took the opportunity to climb the many, many steps and admire the view from the top.

Next, we rode off to view the White Hare, done in the style of a White Horse but painted on the grass rather than cut out of the turf. I wasn't sure about the hare - it reminded me of the scarier bits from Watership Down - but it was an impressive feat.

Finally, the Landance, in the Valley of Stones. I believe this was what is called interpretive dance, and we both had trouble interpreting what it might be about, but it was skilfully done, and it added an extra dimension to this strange and scenic spot to keep coming across people throwing shapes in it.

View from Hardy's Monument White Hare White Hare 2

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