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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Belated Birthday Catchup

I had a lovely birthday! Thank you all for the good wishes, and to st_crispins for the virtual puppy!

I had lunch with a friend from boarding-school, whom I've seen more often since she moved to San Francisco than during the preceding decade. I didn't feel like telling people at work it was my birthday because I've been especially hacked off with work this week (I am typing this in 5pt Terminal for fear of prying eyes, that's how bad things have got), but my designer friend spilled the beans and at ten minutes to EOB I was presented with a card and an Amazon voucher.

After work I took myself to see Flower Children in the Blinding Light: the 60s Films of Anthony Stern, which was pretty much as trippy as it sounds, before proceeding to the pub I'd informed people I would be in from eightish.

The Hole in the Wall was a little rougher than I remembered, but nobody got knifed, and we shared a table with two gentlemen who were fresh from a beard competition on the Alan Titchmarsh show. slightlyfoxed arrived shortly after I did and presented me with Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites, with a handy marker indicating the point where things cross the line from spooky to disturbing. gerald_duck and porsupah both travelled from far-flung cities to be there, which was lovely. Everyone else present is not on LJ and thus does not exist for blogging purposes.

I arrived home shortly after midnight to find several cards, and also a copy of Professor Branestawm's Crunchy Crockery from loganberrybunny, who obviously knows me well.

My birthday present to myself has been an iPhone, as my old phone gave me the gift of pegging out last week. I'm quite scared about being on a contract after 12 years of PAYG. I also spent an hour last night trying to find a way of transferring my contacts over, in which time I could have typed them all in. (My old phone is so old that my computer refused to acknowledge it over either USB or Bluetooth.)

I will leave you with the image callmemadam chose to post in honour of the occasion. After changes upon changes, we are more or less the same, as Paul Simon said.

Huskyteer age ~7


Sorry I couldn't make it, but I'm glad you had a happy birthday.
Thank you! Hope you're in a better headspace soon.
So glad you had such a good day!

(work crap not included,of course. Sorry to hear it has gotten bad for you. Keeping everything crossed that something better comes along asap!)

Wish we could've been there... but we had you in our thoughts!

Loves ya! And the animals send you birthday kisses!

Ps- I still smile every time I use this birthday icon you made gor me years ago! 😄
I like seeing the birthday wuffess too :) And thank you all!
Glad you had a good day evening.

callmemadam's image is f-locked, but I can use my imagination. ;)
Oh rats, I should have uploaded again! That'll teach me to be lazy.
It was good to see you again. My records indicate you first commented on my LJ in February 2004, which suggests that in fact it's over a decade since the one and only time we'd previously met!

Beardy bloke was perfectly pleasant and indeed didn't knife us. I don't think I'm the only person who'd rather we'd been talking to one another than to him, though. Once he'd gone we quickly compared notes about the wild inaccuracies and insidious bigotries that permeated his conversation.

I confess I wasn't completely surprised by the pub's ambience. I know from past experience that the pubs and bars in the West End are pretty rough and those in the suburbs more congenial, so that was broadly what I expected of a pub just South of the river. On which note, I apologise that I smelled of urine when we hugged on parting — I think the men's loos may have been less salubrious than the women's. Fortunately, I realised the problem lay in my shoes, and I found a puddle. (-8

Your t-shirt was cool, by the way. As well as being a handy test of who knows how to pronounce Spanish.
I noticed nothing when we said goodbye! And thank you - T-shirt purchased at Worldcon, and first wearing saved for the big day :)
This etiquette malarkey confuses me.

Is it worse to apologise for smelling of urine to someone who hasn't noticed, or not to apologise to someone who has?

I own Debrett's. It says what to do if a house guest doesn't tip your servants and what to write on the place card when the bishop comes to dinner, but is regrettably silent concerning the problems of my everyday life.
Sorry again I couldn't make it to the bash - I will make it up to you when we go to the Bond in Motion thing at Covent Garden!

I'm also skint until I get paid, which is in under a week so belated birthday gifts will be mailed soon!

Ooh, thank you! Exciting! ^.^
Aaand.. I have no idea whether that comment just posted - it told me I wasn't logged in and it was anonymous if so. General gist - happy birthday!
Thank you! Guessed it was you from phone content!
It was a delight to be there. ^_^ True, our table guest may have.. creatively embellished the odd yarn, but I nonetheless enjoyed his presence, though by the time we segued into the concentration camps, I was admittedly thankful for the need to replenish my drink.

And what a surprise to encounter gerald_duck! First time since.. oof, 1998 or so. He remembered me, but - well, let's just say I could never be the kind of restaurant owner that can greet a guest returning after three years and enquire how their eldest daughter's University education had proceeded. I do hope he didn't feel slighted. ^_^;

I doubt it's likely, but I'd hope some of the others around might consider joining us here on LJ. It's maybe not as in vogue as some venues, but I find it such a cozy, friendly place, where good conversation is positively encouraged.

Was that a new iPhone 6, or a 5s? What color? I'm happily sporting the latter, though I still rather wish they offered a 3.5" phone, à la iPhone 3G - it's a snug size for one palm, with everything on the screen easily reached with just one thumb. With the 5s, I find myself sometimes having to shuffle it around to reach the top or bottom of the display. Still, it's a very nifty device, and Touch ID does indeed work very well. (Now for MBPs with such sensors! iTunes persists in asking for passwords..)

Eek, contracts! I wouldn't mind them so much, if there were more 12 or 18 month options - but all the cellcos seem insistent on 24 months, which is quite a while, especially when I'll never go anywhere near the call/text allowances offered. I imagine your phone usage may be a touch higher than mine, however. ^_^

BTW, I should note the Old Ale Festival at the White Horse in November. Somewhere around thirty casks of old ales and barleywines from around the country - truly a rare delight. ^_^
It was a 5c - my phone was too dead for me to hold out for either a 6, or a drop in price on the 5 range :(

I know Jonathan reads my LJ occasionally (hi Jonathan!) but this kind of journal-style blogging seems very out of vogue these days, alas.
Oh, one of the colorful ones! I'm afraid I can't guess what color.. maybe blue? (Myself, I'd probably have to have gone for the red) Have you had a little play with Zen Garden? I'm constantly amazed at just how good CGI's become, thinking back to VHS and LD highlight compilations like Beyond the Mind's Eye, produced on institutional and multinational grade systems. And here we are, with that kind of power, sitting casually in folks' pockets. =:D

Sadly, yes - even those who've left LJ don't really seem to've actually gone anywhere else, as such, so much as given up on writing. Really such a pity, but, so it goes. Given the way life often tends to be endlessly cyclic, maybe we'll see long-form blogging (I still don't like that word.. =:) be the in-thing again in five or ten years. *grin*
I'd have gone for red, but it looked more pink to me, so I went for the yellow, which I found attractively retro.

I forgot about your rec for Zen Garden - must pick that up! You might also appreciate my choice of cover, by Etuix: http://www.redbubble.com/people/etuix/works/12305306-woof?p=iphone-case&ref=shop_grid