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Belated Birthday Catchup

I had a lovely birthday! Thank you all for the good wishes, and to st_crispins for the virtual puppy!

I had lunch with a friend from boarding-school, whom I've seen more often since she moved to San Francisco than during the preceding decade. I didn't feel like telling people at work it was my birthday because I've been especially hacked off with work this week (I am typing this in 5pt Terminal for fear of prying eyes, that's how bad things have got), but my designer friend spilled the beans and at ten minutes to EOB I was presented with a card and an Amazon voucher.

After work I took myself to see Flower Children in the Blinding Light: the 60s Films of Anthony Stern, which was pretty much as trippy as it sounds, before proceeding to the pub I'd informed people I would be in from eightish.

The Hole in the Wall was a little rougher than I remembered, but nobody got knifed, and we shared a table with two gentlemen who were fresh from a beard competition on the Alan Titchmarsh show. slightlyfoxed arrived shortly after I did and presented me with Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites, with a handy marker indicating the point where things cross the line from spooky to disturbing. gerald_duck and porsupah both travelled from far-flung cities to be there, which was lovely. Everyone else present is not on LJ and thus does not exist for blogging purposes.

I arrived home shortly after midnight to find several cards, and also a copy of Professor Branestawm's Crunchy Crockery from loganberrybunny, who obviously knows me well.

My birthday present to myself has been an iPhone, as my old phone gave me the gift of pegging out last week. I'm quite scared about being on a contract after 12 years of PAYG. I also spent an hour last night trying to find a way of transferring my contacts over, in which time I could have typed them all in. (My old phone is so old that my computer refused to acknowledge it over either USB or Bluetooth.)

I will leave you with the image callmemadam chose to post in honour of the occasion. After changes upon changes, we are more or less the same, as Paul Simon said.

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