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Pertwee bike

The Czech List: Saturday 30th August

After another swim to work up an appetite for an outstanding Czechfast, we checked out and got on the bikes. In less than a quarter of an hour we had left the Czech Republic behind and were belting down a German motorway. Prices were a shock after the Czech cheapness; Howard announced at elevenses that he could no longer afford coffee in Germany, and I subsequently discovered that I couldn't afford to go to the loo - at least at motorway services, which wanted 50 Euro cents for the privilege.

We passed a sign for Colditz and I rather wanted to go and have a look. We don't have radios, but Howard had had the same idea. We parked by the castle, peeked into the courtyard, and had a sandwich in the town square. Also in the car park was a group of bikes from Devon Advanced Motorcyclists, the first UK plates we'd seen all week. Everyone's right - the British really are obsessed with the war.

After this we spent a fair bit of time going round in circles in Leipzig, so that I was concerned about the mileage we had to get through, but once back on the motorway we made it up. Once again, rain descended as we neared our destination.

I'd told Howard that we were spending the night at an American-style motel, but I hadn't told him I'd booked the Harley Davidson-themed room. Luckily he was as amused as I was. The room wasn't hugely practical - there was no wardrobe - but who cares when there's a Harley sign in the loo and handlebars for taps? We dined in the bar downstairs on burgers, and I had a pint of 'Diesel' (lager/Pepsi shandy). Then it was time to creep under the tent and get into bed.

Miles: 394.5

We escaped from Colditz! The Harley Suite. Selfie, with handlebar taps.

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50 cents is fairly cheap for highway restrooms; the ones I know usually charge 70 cents. OTOH, they're run by a company called Sanifair now, and they really are excellent, especially compared to what you saw before.

Sanifair will also issue coupons worth 50 cents that you can cash in at gas stations along the Autobahn, so (disregarding the premium that these gas stations naturally charge) you'll only pay 20 cents for the restroom proper.

Despite the price, I much prefer this to the old situation where you had free(ish) yet grotty restrooms.

For coffee in Germany, be sure to go to bakeries, not coffee shops. :) Prices vary, but in bakeries they're usually fairly humane. Usually.

The Harley-Davidson-themed room sounds pretty neat, too.
I'm aware of the coupons, but there's rarely anything I want to buy in the shop - not at 50c, anyway, so you end up spending even more money! It's true, though, that I'd rather use a shiny German motorway loo than a French hole in the floor.

I'll remember about the bakeries!
I usually use them for coffee, or snacks. :) Granted, it's easier to eat something while on the road when you're using a car instead of a bike...