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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Sniffing Out An Agent

Battersea is having a Literature Festival (name me a town that isn't), and one of the events on the programme was an Agent-Led Dog Walk at which, in return for a £5 donation to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, you could go on a group walk in the company of a literary agent and their dog.

Obviously this is the kind of thing I'd sign up for even without the added incentive of an agent, so I got my name on the list right away, and this morning I joined the other participants at the Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park.

We were introduced to the four dogs and their agents, and invited to choose our group. I went with Maisie, a medium-sized brown dog with setterish ears who had brought Jo Unwin, because she (Maisie) looked like the kind of high-energy dog I enjoy. Sure enough, I spent much of the next hour throwing an increasingly soggy and ruptured tennis ball, and remembering every now and then that I probably ought to be networking or something.

It was lovely to chat with other aspiring authors about our ambitions and works in progress, as well as a variety of other subjects including dogs, Classics, dogs, jobs, and dogs. Jo very fairly made time to talk to each of us individually, and we also sat down as a group to drink coffee, ask questions and receive advice (I tactically sat where I could receive a warm doggy shoulder against my back).

So, dear readers, did I go home inspired by this golden opportunity and get some writing, or even editing, done? Or did I wash my bike and make a date loaf? Take. A. Wild. Guess.
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That is SO cool! Awesome! ♡
It was very cool - a great opportunity for an informal chat, and dog snuggles :)
I wonder if your agent is related to the Unwin publishing family?
Ooh, I didn't think of that!
What a bonkers, yet excellent, idea!

Thank you sooooo much for the Little Mole stamp that came today. You already know I like moles, but you probably didn't know that I'm also a bit of a stamping enthusiast, so it really brightened my day!
Oh, good, I'm glad it arrived and will be put to good use!

Apparently the agent dog walks are a regular thing, but on weekday mornings, so not much use to those of us with office jobs.
Hmm, now if it was kittens, and children's picture book agents, I'd be willing to take a half day's leave!
If it was kittens, I can't imagine any networking or discussion to do with anything other than kittens happening!