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Of Rassilon

Bring It On

I am all caught up with Doctor Who, just in time for tonight!

  • I don't like the new opening titles. Clockwork just makes me think 'steampunk', these days.
  • I do like the new TARDIS interior! Very cool.
  • Peter Capaldi is a sexy bastard. But you all knew I was going to say that.

There was much that was ridiculous about Deep Breath - the dinosaur and the fight below the restaurant, in particular - but much to like as well. I can't get enough of Madam Vastra's team, especially Strax, and there was some genuine suspense. When Clara was facing off (ha!) the scary android, I found I was imagining myself in the companion role for the first time since...the days of Ace, probably. (Companions are spoilt and mollycoddled these days, though. Did Sarah Jane Smith get Silurian pep talks and a phone call from Jon Pertwee after he turned into Tom Baker before her very eyes? I THINK NOT.)

Into the Dalek was...a bit silly. I like Fantastic Voyage plots but I think they could have done more with this one; the Dalek interior was fascinating, but I couldn't see what was achieved by getting miniaturised that couldn't have been done with a set of Allen keys. Also not sure why the Doctor suddenly has such a down on soldiers - apparently just as much of a blanket prejudice as the one about Daleks themselves - when he spent most of the 1970s hanging out with them.

Currently, I think Peter Capaldi is my fourth-favourite Doctor, and he may even sneak ahead of Patrick Troughton if he keeps this up. Certainly he's the first since the reboot to trouble the charts. He's even got callmemadam watching again!


It seems pretty clearly telegraphed that it's to set up conflict with Mr Pink. And yes, 3 fans like us will be scratching our heads at it. I really do want Capaldi to live up to the role... But he needs to be given good material to work with, not "He doesn't like soldiers now because of reasons" just for a cheap set conflict setup.
I can't be doing with Doctors getting all jealous over their companions' love lives when we all know the correct reaction is to look thoughtfully into the distance and then drive off in Bessie.
I absolutely adore Capaldi as the Doctor -- but then, the Pertwee is strong with this one, so that's no surprise.

I was very fond of Matt Smith (such a weird, gawky giraffe-man), and Mom (who considered Tom Baker THE Doctor, though she saw something to like in the others) thought he was adorable, so I don't regret that he was there. However, now I'm wondering if we could've had Capaldi earlier if Moffat hadn't been so impressed with Smith's audition. No, shouldn't go there; it's unfair... (I'm also wondering if Mom would like Capaldi, but as she's in assisted living now and hates me for it, we won't be getting together for any more DW. Sigh.)

Weirdly, I'm not certain New Who's ever going to be entirely capable of doing storytelling I truly enjoy, and have found Moffat as annoying a showrunner as I found Davies, but here's a Doctor I've been looking forward to since last year and was grabbed by immediately, even when he wasn't yet certain who he was post-regeneration. Love his expressive face, intense eyes, independent state of eyebrows, voice and accent, hair (though I wish the Doctor would wear it as full-on fluffy as Capaldi sometimes wears his, because I want to ruffle that), expressive hands... arrggh, like I needed another hopeless attraction. ;-)
I've been rolling my eyes for nearly a decade at the hormone-fuelled swooning over the last three Doctors, and here I am just as guilty! I've also been looking forward to Capaldi and his eyebrows (surely a Scottish referendum joke, that one), so he didn't have to work very hard to please me, but he is exceeding expectations. He's convincingly old-young, nicely complimenting Matt Smith's young-oldness.

Smith surprised me; he'll never be my favourite but his portrayal was perhaps the best since the otherworldly weirdness of William Hartnell.

Sorry about your mom, too. I hope things get easier.
I too wish some of the writing and direction to be stronger but Capaldi has to be in my top five doctors. I have warmed to him very quickly and that did surprise me as i got to be very fond of Matt Smith.

Edited at 2014-09-06 08:57 pm (UTC)
I liked the look of him as soon as he was cast. He's not playing the role quite as I expected, but it's an interesting take, and I think he blends the best elements of both the 'classic' and more recent Doctors.
I rather like the visual feel of the titles. The roomie hates it. =:)

If the Doctor vanished, I'd be quite fine with Mme Vastra and Jennie instead. ^_^

Agreed on ItD - the central conceit seemed rather oddly redundant. A superb concept, nonetheless - I'd very much like to see more Dalek psychology, and Cyberman as well. There's so much to be said for a Cyberman who isn't a programmed killing machine, but actually.. okay with it, maybe even saved from some dreadful early death. I want more than mere villains.

Overall, yes, I'm happy with Mr Capaldi. ^_^ I've really nothing against bringing sensuality into the Doctor's realm, but it needs to be quite sparing, judicious, which hasn't been the case.

If "Missy" turns out to be a new incarnation of The Master, I shall, of course, revel in the tears of those who've insisted the Doctor couldn't possibly reincarnate as anything but a white male. =:D
I'd very much like a Vastra spinoff show, especially now SJA has had, alas, to end.

OMG, I did not think of Missy as the Master! Will await developments with interest. (I've always been keen on the Doctor staying male (and, to my shame, white), but I was thinking the other day that he could be played well as quite a mannish woman - as in Joanna Lumley's portrayal for Children In Need.)

What's that watch in your icon? It's very cool!
I think different doctors can definitely have different views on the military - I was rewatching (for the first time since airing) Remembrance of the Daleks recently, and McCoy is consistently openly contemptuous of them in that, seeing them as something that should be disabled or distracted to avoid getting themselves or others killed.
Oh man I need to watch that again! And good point! (Now I also want to watch Battlefield!)
I've been enjoying neuWho very much & yes, 100% in agreement re: Capaldi's smoking sexiness!