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The Czech List: Thursday 28th August

For our last in Brno, we had a proper day off the bikes, walking from our apartment to the city centre. We took a tour of the mediaeval cellars under the vegetable market, where I framed Howard for an unknown crime (watering down the wine?), inspected the stuffed crocodile who once terrorised the town as an alleged dragon, and checked out the astronomical clock. To my joy, I discovered a shop dedicated entirely to hosiery, and bought a pair of thermal socks with motorcycles on.

I'd been very excited to find I'd serendipitously booked an apartment a stone's throw from an open-air swimming-pool, and since it was a hot day, this seemed like the time to try it...until we checked the website and learned it was closed. We walked instead to another pool, where I paid and got changed, then tried to get from the (hot, crowded) indoor pool to the outdoor area, only to be told that they were separate and I couldn't. I found Howard enjoying a beer in the cafe, and with his help and that of the kind cafe assistant I got myself to the right place and paid again.

The outdoor pool was a very different experience, all concrete floors and wooden changing-huts. Nearby a sound system played 'Where Do You Go To, (My Lovely)?', and I felt like a good Communist sent for their annual healthgiving holiday.

I was ravenous by dinnertime. We branched out and, instead of going to the Indian restaurant next door, tried the Italian one two doors down. (We first investigated a building with a red lantern further up the street, but all it turned out to be offering was free entry and nice girls.) Perhaps in honour of the city's mascot, the restaurant had a small but real live crocodile in a tank.

Miles: 0 (a couple on foot and, in my case, swimming)

Stuffed crocodile Howard in chains

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