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The Czech List: Tuesday 26th August

We awoke to a grey, rainy morning, and were delighted that for once we didn't have to go anywhere. Nevertheless, we set out for the Masaryk race circuit just outside the city.

We had been hoping to ride the track, since the website claimed it was a public track day, but we were greeted by the sight and sound of a group of bikers whizzing round very fast despite the wet, and a barrier manned by a grumpy security guard who informed us it was, in fact, a private track day.

We watched the riding through the fence for a bit, then sloped off into the damp forest to find some Best Biking Roads-recommended routes. An hour and a half later we were ensconced in the bar of a hotel eating garlic soup and goulash, provided by a waitress who, in contrast to the security guard, could not have been more helpful.

Cosy in our waterproofs, we enjoyed the rainswept roads, especially a forest route that was part of a military training zone and had signs at each end forbidding you to stop, turn left, turn right, or be a pedestrian. A trip to Tesco (very big over there, seemingly) to organise the next day's breakfast, and we plunged back into the Brno rush hour - something of a shock given how few other vehicles we'd seen out in the countryside.

When Howard asked me our mileage for the day, he said in disappointed tones "That's not much, for us!" I pointed out that it was, technically, a rest day...

Miles: 110.1

Brno racetrack Scary Czech sign

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