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Five questions from a Silver Huskey

I thought it would be interesting to be interviewed by someone who really only knew me from reading my LiveJournal and my fanfics, and silver_huskey didn't let me down.

1. Speaking Pokémon battlewise, if Houndoom and Mightyena were to go at it, who would win?

Based on the performance of my own Mightyena, I am forced to admit that Houndoom would cream her. They might not make much impact on each other with Normal and Dark moves, but Houndoom's Fire attacks would win the day.

2. What would you consider your favorite aspect of London to be?

Driving south across Waterloo Bridge after dark, with the London Eye and the South Bank all lit up.

3. If you had to part with your macintosh and use a PC, what would you go with?

That's a toughie; I don't know much about PCs at all, I only know I wouldn't want a beige box, so I'd like my parents have, with a black keyboard and a translucent blue panel on the tower :) I'd go for as small a box as possible, too; one of the things I like best about the iMac is the way it squirrels away the actual computer bits in the monitor so you don't have a separate box cluttering up the place.

I'd probably go with Windows XP, too, as that almost approaches MacOS X for prettiness.

4. When you write a story, do you clearly have a beginning and a end in mind? Or do you just see where a story takes you?

Good question, and one I had to think about. Very often, I have a beginning and an end but no middle. But sometimes the middle takes me away from my intended end to a completely different conclusion.

If I'm writing fanfic, I'm often out to explain a particular line or fill in gaps in the plot, so I do have a good idea of the ending I'm working towards.

5. If you could change one thing about the furry community, what would it be?

I would make it better known as a lifestyle/interest, especially offline. If I told my colleagues at work that I was going to spend my weekend playing Dungeons and Dragons or reenacting the Civil War, I might be regarded as a bit sad but at least they'd know what I was on about. Whereas if I told them I was going to a Furmeet...well.

When I was at university there were student-run societies for lesbian/gay/bi students, live-action roleplayers, science fiction writers and Dr Who fans, but there wasn't a FurrySoc and I wish there had been. My student life would have been very different.

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