Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

The Czech List: Thursday 21st August

I popped home after work to get changed and pick up my luggage, then headed for the Dartford Crossing to meet Howard, who was travelling up from Dorset. Even in the grubby rush-hour surroundings of Thurrock Services, I was fizzing with excitement. Fed, we hit the road for Harwich.

We discovered that we would be sharing the enormous ferry with around fifty bikers from a chopper club, and made our way on board surrounded by chrome, apehanger handlebars, and popping exhausts. We found our cabin, with its large porthole and a lower berth wide enough to sleep two, dumped our luggage, and hit the bar, where I asked for jenever.

"Double? And a Heineken chaser?" asked the friendly barman. I accepted the former and declined the latter, and we stood shivering on deck to watch the port recede before heading for our berth.

Miles: 89 (Howard did considerably more)

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Tags: bikes, hols

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