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Czeching In

'Sup LJ? I had a wonderful holiday. There was fried cheese, and Milka with pretzels; an aviation museum, and many beautiful roads. Full report to follow.
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Sounds like fun. Here we've had some fine days and some when it poured with rain. I've somewhat over-dosed on country houses (Down House, Scotney Castle, Batemans, Hever Castle, and The Vyne)...

(Oh, and a Lancaster made a forced landing after an engine failed in flight.)

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Glad to hear you had a great time! Fried cheese is all I think I'd need on a holiday. The rest would all be a bonus. :9
Fried cheese AND Milka with pretzels? Winning.
Oo, I wonder if there's a way of convincing Lindt to make a version of that. =:9 Come to think of it, maybe I'll pick up the odd sweet item that isn't just biscuity like Gold bars - Thornton's chocolate covered toffee comes to mind. =:9 (Their varietal bars are pretty nomworthy, too, with interesting flavor tweaks, like one involving tiny fudge nuggets. Which is a phrase I surely must use more often, somehow)

Fried cheese, for me, will always belong to a Greek restaurant in North Beach, where a bunch of former coworkers and I gathered after picking me up from SFO last time I was in orbit there. ^_^ Served flaming in the skillet, with lemon juice squeezed over it at the table. Now that's the way to do it! =:D
That sounds fantastic! The Czech version is breaded, with chips :)

We saw Milka with pretzels, pieces of corn chips, and Tuc crackers. I hope this catches on.