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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Czeching Out

Today I am awaiting the end of the working day with even more eagerness than usual, for I am going on holiday!

I'll be meeting Howard after work so we can travel together to Harwich, board the overnight ferry to the Hook of Holland, and begin our journey towards a week's riding in the Czech Republic.

I am hoping for castles, mountains, forests, and a racetrack. I shall be 1) reading this book, which will apparently tell me everything I need to know about the national character, and 2) on the advice of a Polish colleague, eating fried cheese.
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Bon voyage!

The Good Soldier Svejk is great.
It is! Nearly finished now.
I expect you're already on your way. Hope it's a good holiday.
Thank you!
Is it possible beer may be involved at some point? ^_^

Take photos! Take video! Take care! =:)
Thank you! I'm not a big beer drinker but got stuck in to the strange liqueurs and ersatz colas.
I need fried cheese. (Have a great time.)
Fried cheese was amazing! What a culture.