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Cat Air


A rough plan for Loncon, subject to change on a whim.


10AM Sense of Wonder in Children's SF
11AM Sex in SF&F: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
12PM Where is the YA Humour?
Military SF: continuity and change
2PM Agent Hunting
4:30PM Meet Bryan Talbot
Make My Book YA
Nigel Kneale's 'The Crunch' - A Television Play (1964)
6PM Furry Fandom: Not What You Think
(had better turn up to this one as I'm involved in it, along with balto_mike, foozzzball, and kyellgold, eek!)
7PM Reading: Joe Haldeman


Stroll with the Stars
10AM The Spies We (Still) Love
1:30PM The Gendered AI
3PM So grim. Much serious. Wow.
4:30PM Detectives in SF

What this boils down to is that I will be dividing my time between literary concerns, 1960s cult stuff, following Joe Haldemann around like a puppy, and anything that might turn out to have sex with robots in it. Can't wait!


Mine looks like film track from when it starts to when it ends or I have to catch the last train home on Saturday, and divided between more of the same and rehearsals on Sunday...

I'll look out for you! (Do you mean film track, or filk track?)
With a K! Mostly it's happening in Capital Suite 1.
OK, getting renewed twinges of regret I'm not there... Sounds like bumping into you would have been near-guaranteed, as "follow Joe Haldeman around like a puppy" was my SOP for two Worldcons and one Eastercon past! Definitely missing my decadely check-in, there. Say hi to him for me/apologise for the lack of a tall hairy Scottish stalker. :)
Will do, assuming I manage to say anything at all! I've only read Forever War and the Saul poem, but both blew my mind in different ways.
Goodness, there's a lot on the schedule . . . I'm still working through 3PM! See you tomorrow, at 6PM if not earlier.
Well, you'll probably have gathered I didn't manage everything I wanted to, but I had a great time and it was lovely to meet you!
Yes, plans tend to go by the wayside at conventions, but as long as you have a good time . . . it was nice to see you, too! And a good day out, although I was exhausted by the end of it (including the 80s dance! :-).
Yes, I was shattered when I headed home soon after 10 (highly safe when you're on a bike, obviously...)
anything that might turn out to have sex with robots in it

I keep humming and ha'ing over whether to post this or not, but what the hell. Are you familiar with Love and Sex with Robots, a slightly tidied-for-general-interest version of the thesis that earned Dr. David Levy his doctorate?

I used to work and later volunteer at the Mind Sports Olympiad, which is another of Levy's works, and he's still involved a little. The current Olympiad is in progress - the last day is tomorrow, finishing at 6:30 or so. Fair chance that the good doctor will be at the closing medal ceremony if you're interested. (I'd be curious to ask him if he's kept up with developments over the last five years; maybe some year I'll go again, get him to sign my copy and ask him...)
I missed this, but I do actually have the book in question (it is in my teetering To Read pile)!