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Never Has This Icon Been More Appropriate

Waking up to news of Lauren Bacall's death was less of a shocker than waking up to news of Robin Williams's - she was 89 - but sad, nonetheless. She had the same birthday as me, she had a gorgeous voice, and she was married to Humphrey Bogart, which made her an icon in my book.

(I always found it faintly astonishing that someone who had been married to Humphrey Bogart could still be alive, as if one of the Knights of the Round Table was still going. Bogie, to me, inhabited a similarly legendary time.)

There's a running gag in kyellgold's furry universe about 'Lauren Bacollie', which always makes me smile, and he's written a short thing in her honour. Me, well, I'll always think of her on our birthday.



She was a special lady. :-)
The looks, the voice, the sheer presence!
Gosh! She's one of those people, like Brigitte Bardot and (until recently, sadly) Martin Gardner, whom I'd assumed was long gone. So from my perspective I guess it's good news she had so much more life than I'd realised!

Wikipedia reveals the main reason, of course: she was 25 years jounger than Humphrey.

As a more extreme example, the last known American Civil War widow died in 2008.
Guess Bogie finally whistled, eh?

She was one of the greats.

> Guess Bogie finally whistled, eh?

Truly, one of the great stars - not deemed thusly for their fees, but their sheer presence, gods of the big screen, larger than life.