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Pertwee bike

What Have You Learned About Earth This Week?

Waking to the news that Robin Williams has died will really make you feel like not bothering to get out of bed.

I fell for him a bit when Channel 4 repeated Mork & Mindy in my early youth, and later actively sought out his movies - even Popeye. Brilliant though he was in later and more serious roles, I'll always love his innocent, well-meaning Orkan the best.

callmemadam once proposed the theory that Robin actually was an alien, explaining both his unique talent and his fantastic hairiness. Until a better explanation comes to light, therefore, I am choosing to believe that he has merely returned to his home planet.


When I found out about his passing last night, my first thought was: "Genie - you're free!"

Then I remembered that brilliant video in which he met Koko the gorilla who was a big fan, apparently. So moving...
Oh, wow, not seen that! (Koko probably liked all the chest hair...)
Oh, man, I learned about this while walking home from work and checking Tumblr on my phone... I had to stop in the shade for a few minutes and try to make sense of things. It makes a terrible sort of sense -- history of depression, drug/alcohol abuse -- but that he survived 63 years and then decided that he couldn't do it any longer...

His comedy album from 1979, Reality... What a Concept, meant so much to me back then -- I was a sad kid and that bizarre sense of humor was like water in a desert.

He lived in my town, though I never had a clue where (and that's a good thing), and we had a couple of news helicopters buzzing around for freaking hours, the ghouls. *shudder*
Yes, you'd have thought at this point in his life he'd be on the home stretch. It sounds as if he was lovely in his private life, too. So sad.
It does rather reinforce the sense that, when he was offering earnest advice in Mork and Mindy, or some of his cinematic roles, it was less a matter of acting, and more an act of revealing his inner nature. *sigh*

I've just ripped my copy of Toys, which I picked up on DVD months ago, and never got around to watching. (It'll be my first time since, I think, seeing it originally, back when I was in Mipple City, with my then-love, who introduced me to it, and The Music Man =:)

And yes, Popeye! Haven't seen that in ages, either. I recall it being a load of fun, even if the studio seems to've all but abandoned it (and Toys, for that matter - doesn't seem like there's any HD version around). Was it just the wrong time for that kind of film?

Ah well. I wish I could've known him, but I'll settle for just remembering him.
I watched an episode of Mork & Mindy on Friday and there was a bit where Mork pretends to try and slash his wrists with a butter knife. Dammit, now everything he ever did has to be imbued with poignancy!