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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Earning My Sartorial Stripes

Far Off Places is a digital-only literary magazine, put together with eccentricity and love. The latest issue, Sartorial, is on sale now, and I have a poem in it! 'Stripes and Roundels' is, naturally, about Mods who are also tigers. Yes, it's quite weird, but I am pleased with it.

There is even a launch party! I won't be there, since it's on a Tuesday evening in Edinburgh, but if you happen to be passing, feel free to pop in as my proxy. I expect there'll be cake or something.


Oooooo... tigers, eh? May just have to grab a copy! (which you would be ordered to autograph, so I could say that I knew you back then. 😊)

Soooo proud of you! You really are making a real mark in the literary world, and I could not be more pleased for you than I already am.

Keep up the awesome work!


Ps-I will share the linkd to the silly Tala videoclips - as well as video of hedgie BABIES- soon. ;)
Thanks for the support you always give me! It really means a lot.
A published poet as well! Hooray! :D
It is being a good year!
Oh, jolly good show! I'll have to give their samplers a try. ^_^ Trouble is, I'm probably a bit overwhelmed with reading material at the moment, between books (still looking to finish off Kurt Vonnegut's "The Sirens of Titan"!), comics (still only up to around issue 1100 of 2000AD, of the old run, and the start of last year for the current stuff), and everything else. Let alone trying to keep up with LJ, which I only seem to manage in fits and starts. *sigh*

(And some say LJ is dead? o.O)
My To Read pile comes up to my knees, and that's without the Kindle side of thing...