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Last night I went for my first ever Nigerian meal, organised by doseybat and pointed out to me by nou, at Abuja Connection in Crystal Palace.

We were the only customers, despite being there for three hours, and the staff of two were lovely, popping up and down the stairs to make sure we were all right, laughing delightedly at our menu choices, and preventing us from ordering combinations that wouldn't go together. We started with Kake-recommended moin moin, a steamed cake made from ground beans which was delicious, like cornbread steeped in something spicy. We didn't quite manage to finish it all, so I had the last chunk for pudding.

I wasn't sure about the Traditional African main courses on the menu, especially the ones with 'assorted meat', so I had grilled tilapia. This was a large and tasty freshwater fish which had somehow been prepared so it had the flavour and consistency of gingerbread. Sounds weird, was delish. He, or she, was served with plantain roasted to the point of being slightly caramelised at the edges, and the whole ensemble, with peppers, onions and coleslaw, was one of the nicest things I've ever had. (nou has never steered me wrong where food is concerned, except that one time with the chicken tripes.)
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