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Weekend of Culture

I had a very cultured day on Saturday. It was a bit hot for culture, and indeed for central London, but by taking frequent drink and ice cream breaks I survived it.

I travelled to Waterloo to meet the One Nice Colleague from my brief stint in Wimbledon, and we set off for the Guild of Aviation Artists' Summer Exhibition at the Mall Galleries. Medium and subject matter varied a great deal, although there will always be lots of Spitfires and poppies. I've pasted some favourites (mostly First World War stuff, surprise surprise) below, but you can visit the entire collection here.


We also found time for a quick look at the South Bank Festival of Love: we had a go on the slides and I got a free temporary tattoo.

Then it was time for me to catch up with tkb for the second time in a week, and Medea at the NT. Great acting, but I found the setting a bit of a puzzle; the costumes looked post-war, but then Medea took an iPhone photo of her family. (Worth it for the laugh, though.)

I should also mention Ice Cream of the Day, or rather ice lolly: grapefruit and Campari from a stall on the South Bank, very refreshing.


Sounds like a nice mix of activities for weekend! :)

Our weekend was not as cultured, but still fun... included LOTS of hedgehog watching, and a wonderfully lovely visit with World's Best Neighbours (tm)..😊 Did get some adorable videos of Tala (one illustrating why Tala may be invited somewhere once, but not always a second time. lol 😄)
Let me know if you want to see them, and i can throw the links up on my live journal.

Miss you.... *hugs*
Show meeeeee! :)
Oh! Wish I'd known - the roomie might well have been interested. Still, rather good they're keeping the exhibition up, in a fashion, online. ^_^ I've sent him a link to that.

Me, I was lured out by the promise of cider - and indeed, there were the 100 or so ciders and perries available (and around 70:30 in mix, too!), and some rather nomworthy burgers being barbecued, which ran out dreadfully early on, leaving me in a Need For Meat at only 7.30pm or so, leading me to bail at about 9pm for a nearby Pizza Express. =:/ Otherwise, a very good festival, and not so packed you couldn't find seating inside. ^_^

Not as cultured as your expedition, I'll grant. ^_^
But more so than a beer festival!